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About our service

Erotic massage is a special kind of bodywork, to fulfill your sensual and sexual pleasure without using conventional sex (penetration or oral).

Extremely erotic massage

Extremely erotic massage does not mean oral sex nor penetration. But it is an extremely sexy and daring massage, really close to sex!

Sex massage can be more pleasing and fulfilling than traditional sex. It lasts longer. And the limits of massage turn it to be a fascinating and special experience!

‚ÄčErotic massage Madrid

Prostate massage

These specific techniques are the most requested! All of us are really expert in performing a soft, sexy and very pleasing anal massage!

Lingam massage

This is the professional slang for penis massage. There is much more involved than plain masturbation.

Dare to enjoy it!

The so-called "happy ending"

You can achieve climax and ejaculate. Happy ending massage

Long massage sessions

Massages take at least 60 minutes. You can choose the 60, 90 or 120 minutes sessions.

Different massage therapies

Please check the different Massage menus and prices. From affordable massages to really lush therapies, from relaxing to extremely erotic.

Massage in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza

We can serve you in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. During Spring and Summer season 2017 we are also serving you in Ibiza!