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Erotic massage Madrid

Our service provides erotic massage in Madrid.

As you already know, erotic massage is a very special bodywork.

It unites sensual and sexual pleasure avoiding the conventional sex.

This way your pleasure last much linger!

Extremely erotic massage Madrid

Our massage takes at least one hour. We are also offering 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions.

Escorts are usually finishing you as quick as possible. This way they can get to the next customer and make more money.

‚ÄčErotic massage Madrid

Prostate erotic massage Madrid

Many men already know prostate massage. To some others though this experience is a new sensation.

We master this massage technique. And we are able to perform it in a very sweet and pleasing way.

Trust us to enjoy the most delicate and blissful prostate massage ever!

 Lingam erotic massage Madrid

We us this term to describe the professional penis massage. It is a relevant technique in erotic massages of all styles, including tantric massage.

Lingam massage is the way we finally take you to the so much desired happy ending!

Different therapies used in erotic massage Madrid

Please learn more about all of our Massage menus and prices.

From affordable massages to really lush experiences, from peaceful to extremely exciting!

Massage in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza

We can also serve you in Ibiza, Barcelona and Valencia. During summer season summer 2017 we will be also serving you in Ibiza!